Experts say that delaying the alarm for five minutes to be able to rest a few more minutes can cause some problems in people. Steven Bender, professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery at Texas A&M University, says: “For many, [atrasar la alarma] it may be a sign of a significant problem with sleep. Poor sleep has been associated with a number of health disorders, including high blood pressure, memory problems, and even weight control.”

The researchers have designed a profile of people who have the habit of delaying their alarm clocks in the morning. In this way, the sleeping habits of 450 participants were analyzed, to discover that among the participants, women, the youngest and the “night owls” were the ones who had the greatest tendency to delay their alarm clocks. And they presented some disorders such as drowsiness, that is, they can fall asleep when they don’t want to or at times that can generate some security problems.

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The authors conclude that in order to avoid delaying the alarms and having a more pleasant rest, without having to resort to 5 more minutes of rest, it is necessary to have our environment controlled (in terms of temperature and light). In relation to this, they advise avoiding screens, even hours before trying to fall asleep. Trying to be regular with our schedules can also help us control our circadian rhythms.

They also recommend avoiding substances such as caffeine and alcohol as they can also affect our sleep cycles. The effect of alcohol, despite the fact that it makes us sleepy, its effect on rest will not be positive, but rather it can induce a lighter and therefore less restful sleep.