The Bell Ville First Nomination Investigation Prosecutor, headed by Nicolás Gambini, requests collaboration to find the whereabouts of
Nicolás Ezequiel Pramparo, 31 years old, domiciled in that city. The man is 1.63 meters tall, has short brown hair, a short beard, dark brown eyes, tattoos on his wrist and shoulder blade.

You could probably be dressed in a plain red mesh or a black one or gray jogging pants, a black T-shirt, a thin light gray jumpsuit, a pair of black sneakers with white and light blue “Adidas” stripes or a pair of black flip flops, a white cap and a gray backpack, school type.

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Any information may be sent to the Bell Ville Judicial Unit, telephone 03537 450000 (extension 52801), and/or to the intervening Investigation Prosecutor’s Office 03537 450000 (extension 52052), or to any nearest police station.