Villa was found guilty of coercive threats and minor injuries in the context of gender violence. The sentence imposed is two years and one month in prison conditional, which means that he will not have to actually comply with it, but he will have to comply with a series of conditions imposed by the court. The verdict was read by Judge Claudia Dávalos in the presence of the player and those close to him. Villa, visibly affected, showed emotions and tears upon learning of the sentence. During the process, the soccer player was accompanied by his lawyer, his family and friends.

Although he will not go to prison, Villa must comply with the rules of conduct for two years, including the prohibition of drug and alcohol use. He will also be required to undergo psychosocial treatment and a restraining order will be imposed that will keep him away from his ex-partner and his family group.

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It is important to note that Villa’s conviction is based on the complaint made by his ex-girlfriend Daniela Cortés in April 2020, and the case has generated a wide debate around gender violence in the sports field and the responsibility of athletes as public figures.

Sebastián Villa will be able to continue with his daily life, complying with everything that justice ruled in the ruling of minutes ago. The player will be able to continue training and at the disposal of the club, unless the leadership determines otherwise. He can also be transferred. In December he will have to face the second trial, in this case for attempted rape with carnal access. In this case, the situation is more complicated, since if found guilty, he must serve his sentence in prison.