The second aedic control began in different neighborhoods of Córdoba scheduled for the whole week and Claudio Guzmanhead of vector control of the province spoke on the subject.

This control will be applied to 600 homes in 30 neighborhoods of the city of Córdoba in order to determine thresholds that will express the probabilities of risk of dengue transmission. It is carried out mainly in the month of February since it is the period of the year in which there is a greater presence of insects.

Thanks to this, it is possible to identify the different autochthonous cases, which have been presented in recent weeks but were not transmitted. “Up to now, luckily as a result of epidemiological investigations (…) we have not found and no positive cases have been reported, considerable time has passed, but we are still on alert in terms of epidemiological surveillance as far as What surveillance of cases, so at the moment we have not determined autochthonous cases”were the words of Guzman.

On the other hand, he indicated that the collaboration of the neighbors is important during the next few days because “The agents are going to ask you to enter the houses” to carry out the checks. They will be equipped with light blue vests referring to the Ministry of Health, along with credentials with your data to validate your identity. Then they give the neighbors graphic material in which different means of contact and communication channels will be indicated.

Guzman also emphasized the symptoms presented and indicated that “regardless of the pathology, they begin with fever, popular retro pain, joint pain, a rash may appear on the skin, in the case of the Chikungunya particularly the joints hurt a lot”.

Early consultation with the doctor is essential to maintain personal and home care as well as prevent discomfort from spreading.