The Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and Family (SeNAF) asks citizens to collaborate in the protection of the rights of girls and boys, to shelter children who need care for a while in their homes.

These are boys and girls who, due to complex situations that their families of origin are going through, cannot remain in their family until their situation is resolved. Temporary foster families make it possible for girls and boys not to lose the support and affection of a family environment, avoiding their institutionalization.

The SeNAF “Families for Families” program, which accompanies the families that collaborate in this solidarity task, makes On this occasion, a special call to family groups residing in the General San Martín department and surrounding towns, as well as in the area of ​​the city of Carlos Paz and Valle de Punilla.

It should be noted, that A family group is urgently required to temporarily care for three little brothers from one to five years old in General San Martín.

During the foster care period, the “Families for Families” teams will assist the family groups and the children and adolescents so that they can go through this period with all the technical and affective support they need. The program also supplies diapers, milk, and Apross’s social work coverage.

From Senaf they assured that all that is needed is interest and disposition, to comply with the necessary evaluation steps to join the program and also to be clear that It is not an adoption program, but temporary care and support for girls and boys.

Information and inquiries: [email protected] (0351) 4343332