The Senate of the Nation approved, last night on the premises, the project promoted by Kirchnerism so that the debt with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is paid based on the recovery of “escaped dollars” from evaders who have assets abroad not declared before the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP).

The initiative presented by Neuquén senator Oscar Parrilli received 37 positive votes and garnered 31 rejections, all of them from the opposition.

The project to create the “National Fund for the Cancellation of the Debt with the International Monetary Fund” aims to form a trust with the contribution of 20% of the undeclared assets of Argentine citizens abroad, a portion that must be paid in dollars .

The creation of the figure of the “collaborator” is stipulated, which will be “any individual, whether human or legal person, resident in the country or abroad, who acting personally or jointly, provides information related to a violation of the laws tax and money laundering.

This fund will be in force until the debt with the IMF is paid in its entirety, or until the term set by the Executive Branch, and it will be administered by the Ministry of Economy. The process of control, supervision and supervision of this fund will be in charge of the Permanent Bicameral Commission for Follow-up and Control of the Management of Contracting and Payment of the Foreign Debt of the Congress.