Deputy Governor Manuel Calvo presided over the bid opening ceremony for the tender for the “Miramar de Ansenuza sewage treatment” project, which will benefit 14,229 residents. In that town of the San Justo department, the Deputy Governor was accompanied by the local mayor, Adrián Walker, and the departmental legislator Ramón Giraldi.

The project establishes a budget of $601,619,660.18, an execution period of 18 months, a generation of direct employment for 45 people and a benefit for 14,229 inhabitants.

Manuel Calvo celebrated the work that will be carried out and explained why it will be vital for residents and tourists who visit the town. “For us it is very important to be here, with this natural wonder in front of us, and after having achieved something historic: that it become a national park. Today is a before and after in the life of Miramar. Because this sewage plant is not only designed for current generations, but also points to the future of Miramar. This will allow that, when the locality is at its maximum occupation, the sewage effluents generated can be adequately treated”, pointed out the Vice Governor.

The work corresponds to the Federal Sanitation Program carried out by the Ministry of Public Services of the Province, together with the National Entity of Water Sanitation Works (ENOHSA).

These works are added to the Altos de Chipión – La Para Aqueduct that the Province is building in the sector, in order to ensure the supply of drinking water to 21,000 residents of Altos de Chipión, Balnearia, Miramar, Marull, La Para, in addition to providing infrastructure to the Ansenuza National Park.

About the tender
The design of the basic work of sewerage will be made up of a maximum sewer; fire station; 452 meters of 315-millimeter PVC discharge pipe; 472 meters of PVC gravity collector 355 millimeters in diameter; wastewater treatment plant and the discharge work to discharge the treated effluents into a storm canal.

Four bidders were presented to carry out the works: Aivel SA, José J. Chediack SAICA, Suvermax SA and Suelonivel SRL.