The blue dollar is down $11 and is being sold at $315 on the parallel market, while financial prices are deflating, amid increasingly intense rumors about various changes within the National Cabinet. The markets also react positively.

As the wholesale dollar operates at $131.12, the gap with the blue stands at 14%, after climbing to 160% on Friday of last week, its maximum in 40 years. In the accumulated of the month, the informal dollar accumulates a rise of $77, which implies an increase of close to 35%.

As for the financial quotes, they register strong drops: the cash with liquidation operates at $310.57 (almost $20 less than in the previous round) and the Stock Exchange or MEP, at $305.42 (it had closed at $324.47 on Wednesday) .

For its part, the retail dollar is sold at an average of $138.97, the savings at $226.46 and the tourist, at $240.74.