This Thursday the blue dollar operated with a drop of $9to be sold to $487. On the previous day, he had climbed up to the $496 and located just $1 from the historical nominal maximum of $497, which occurred during operations on April 25. In Córdoba, informal currency was offered to $492.

On the other hand, the MEP dollar rose to $478 while the Cash with Liquidation (CCL) was also trading up at $505. He retail dollar sold for an average of $258, the saving at $423.22 and the tourist at $513. This last value applies to those monthly purchases that exceed 300 dollars. The Central Bank bought US$51 million at the wheel on Wednesday and the reserves remained at US$32.335 million.

The monetary authority added its second positive day, after closing on Tuesday a selling streak of five consecutive rounds, in which it accumulated a negative balance of almost US$280 million. Settlements of exports from regional economies totaled US$20 million, the highest since the end of the differential dollar for soybeans.