A teenager who dreamed of her 15th birthday party for a long time, like so many other girls, searched for the perfect dress to make her night magical. But she made the peculiar decision to buy her dress online, not try it on in a store. And, as is known to happen to her on many occasions, what she received was not what she expected.

The TikTok user Xime González was the one who showed her younger sister’s odyssey to find the ideal look for her party. “My sister asked for a dress for her 15th birthday. A mini package arrived and this was our reaction”, says the video of the first part of the moment. In the footage, the teenager and her relatives are heard giggling nervously at the shocking size of the package that supposedly contained her dress. “What did you expect, a box?!”, is heard say.

A few days later, the second part and the outcome of this story were uploaded. “A viceroyalty-type dress arrived that she did not like. But we proceeded to buy another one,” recounts. The best part of the video is when it says that the birthday girl “He was happy”, and she appears dancing with a man who could be her father, in the dress that really made her fall in love. The video achieved nearly 6 million views.

The comments, of all kinds, questioned and had fun with the young woman. “I ordered a rug and it came like this. Our reaction was the same”, “I bought a complete suit and the package came like this as a boy”, “You can request your money back”, “Who would think of buying a 15 dress without seeing it live?” , “They gave her the Catrina costume.” “It works for Halloween; with a wide hat it looks barbaric ”. “The important thing is that she was happy”, “Put expectation vs. reality ”, were some of the messages of the publication.