A young man was walking down Callao avenue when he came across “José”, a man who lives on the streets, and was moved by his vulnerability, so he offered him some money and exchanged some with him. He even felt the need to hug her and did so, a gesture that was captured on video by a woman sitting near them in a bar.

The video was shared through social networks and had a great impact. However, in the last hours the story took an unexpected turn. It turned out that José, his real name was Antonio, and he was a man who was absent from his home months ago and whom his wife had been looking for ever since.

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Now Claudia, the wife of the man in question, appeared in the story. She saw the images and tried to contact the young man so that he could give her some more clues about the whereabouts of her husband. “We are looking for José, his real name is Antonio, he has psychiatric problems and his wife Claudia is looking for him in Recoleta. Let’s put together a campaign in solidarity with all Argentines.”Marcos then wrote in an Instagram account, @Unabrazodecorazonwhich he put together especially to find the man.

The woman said that Antonio’s mother died and “He entered a very strong depressive well”. This morning it became known that the search for the woman finally paid off, since Antonio was found in a bar. The details of this meeting and how the lives of both will continue are still unknown.

Watch the video of Marcos and Antonio here: