A new situation of insecurity and desperation, had as protagonist a mother and her daughter yesterday afternoon. The episode occurred in the Empalme neighborhood of the city of Córdoba.

The woman went to the school of one of her daughters by car, and got out of it to accompany the minor to the door of the establishment. Her mother left her second daughter, also a minor, waiting for her in the car with the key in the ignition. When she returned, the woman noticed that her car was not there and, alarmed, she notified the police officer who was near her.

After they took the complaint of what happened, a neighbor from Empalme noticed that there was a minor alone in the middle of the street.

“The man left the girl in the middle of the street. I’m sorry that Ema had to go through this situation. I feel very guilty,” said the victim of the robbery in communication with Noticiero Doce.