The Justice of Córdoba investigates an unusual event that occurred this morning in the Patricios neighborhood. Neighbors called the police after hearing roofs running and gunshots. Upon arrival, the troops attacked the body of a man lying in the courtyard of an abandoned house, with a gunshot wound to the shoulder blade.

The neighbor who alerted the police told El Doce that around 00:00 hours he heard “The mob on the roof, as usual, and then between three and four shots.” Listen to the full testimony:

From the Homicide Division they confirmed that the impact was “from the bottom up”. For this reason, the main hypothesis is that the deceased would have tried to rob a house and a neighbor who saw him shot him. The dead man has not yet been identified but is estimated to be around 30 years old. The investigation is in charge of the prosecutor Claudia Palacios.

Source: The Twelve