Following what happened with Marcelo Corazza and Jey Mammon for pedophilia and corruption of minors, hundreds of similar cases have come to light in recent days. After Lucas Benvenuto assured that many celebrities are involved, users of social networks found a scandalous video of the Dady Brieva actor in which he harasses a four-year-old girl through a chat.

The episode happened when the actor was recording the “Agrandadytos” program. There, you can see how he asks the minor to show him her underwear: “Show me the panties and I’ll show you the underpants”. The girl, very uncomfortable, finally agreed to show him her private parts and exclaimed: “Don’t let my mom find out”. Immediately afterwards, Brieva, in joke mode, replied “that my dad shouldn’t find out either.”

As expected, the video caused a stir and the followers decided to scold the militant with the phrase “Not with the children.”