With an important production deployment, “Vuelta Ciclísta” arrives on the Showsport screen, a unique event that will tour the streets of the Cordovan capital and will be broadcast live. The event will take place on May 29 from 8 in the morning at the Kempes Polo Sports Zone, which will be the epicenter of the competition. The starting point will be located on Cárcano Avenue and then the competition will take place along the Costanera Norte and Sur.

The meeting that will bring together thousands of cyclists will have different competitive and participatory categories for all athletes. It is an unprecedented event that was classified as a true “sports festival”, which promotes inclusion and sports activity.

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“Vuelta Ciclista” will have routes of 100 km, 66 km and 33 km for federated and non-federated athletes. There will be competitive and participatory categories of adapted bicycle, adapted hand cycle (hand bicycles) and E-Bike (electric bicycles). The winners of the competitive tests will share the prize of 1,760,000 pesos. The competition will be supervised by the Cordoba Cycling Federation (FCC).

The Secretary of Government, Miguel Siciliano expressed: “We are happy with the call and with high expectations for the great party in the city. This Vuelta is designed and built to stay in Córdoba and so that everyone who wants to can participate, from the most outstanding professionals of the specialty to entire families in all variants and categories”.