Former Argentine Miss World Silvana Suárez died this Friday at the age of 64, in the Cordoba town of Nono, where she had lived for several years. According to local sources, the former model was suffering from terminal colon cancer.

Her career was consecrated by winning the 28th international beauty pageant in 1978, held in London. She was the second Argentine representative to obtain this title, since the first was Norma Cappagli in 1960.

For several decades he lived in Valle de Traslasierra. Some time ago, Suárez had told the media about his need to get away from the maelstrom of the city and turn to a more spiritual life.

Suárez was married to the owner of Ámbito Financiero, Julio Ramos, and that relationship led her to star in one of the most tense moments at one of Mirtha Legrand’s lunches.

The discussion took place in 1999 when the model went to the program and the host insisted that she talk about her marriage to the businessman. However, Suárez refused and got up from the table, reiterating: “You invite me to use me.” In this way, she left the program while Mirtha Legran told her: “I don’t need you to have an audience, Silvana Suárez. I do not need you”.