A new stir arose on the social network Twitter after former Economy Minister Silvina Batakis was seen shopping at a luxurious Apple Store in New York City. The current president of Banco Nación traveled to the north of the continent to hold a series of meetings in Washington with authorities from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The controversy arises after Batakis’ statements, last July, after having said that “spending dollars on travel collides with the right to work.” Furthermore, he maintained: “When one makes purchases abroad and those dollars are the ones that should have gone to the productive sector, we are damaging the future of all Argentines”.

For this reason, the former minister was showered with criticism. Economist Diana Mondino was the first to join and stressed: “The only ones who have access to the dollar are the VIP vaccinated”.

“The problem is not that Batakis buys the IPhone, the problem is the hypocrisy of all these bawdy officials of a government dedicated to closing the economy and treating those who want to buy dollars to travel, save or whatever comes to them as irresponsible.” looking forward to it,” he stressed for his part Caroline Piparodeputy of Advance Liberty.