Silvina Luna has had her health compromised for years and in the last few hours they reported that she needs a kidney transplant because hers “they do not work”. The actress undergoes dialysis almost daily to be able to continue and everything would be a consequence of the malpractice of the intervention of Hannibal Lotocki.

A year ago, Lotocki was sentenced to 4 years in prison considered responsible for the crime of “repeated serious injuries on four occasions.” The victims and plaintiffs in the case were Gabriela Trenchi, Silvina Luna, Stefanía Xipolitakis and Pamela Sosa.

Those who broke the news about the health of the ex-participant of The Hotel of the Famouswere the members of intruders. Guido Zaffora told that the ex Big Brother She has had health complications for two years that led her to request a kidney transplant and is on the waiting list for the Incucaí.

“I’m telling this because she authorizes me because I asked her, she told me a few days ago and looking at the program she tells me ‘well, I want you to tell me’, because she tells me ‘twelve years ago my life changed’, Silvina is on dialysis because his kidneys stopped working and he has to have a transplant,” started counting Zaffora. “For this man (Lotocki) she is doing a treatment, has to be plugged into a machine three times a week four hourshis kidneys stopped working, he is on dialysis ”, revealed.

“It is difficult for her to tell it because there are people who continue to endorse it and judge Silvina based on the words of this doctor,” added the journalist. He claimed that Moon he cannot work and that is why in recent times he has only made sporadic appearances on television.

Even when he was participating in The Hotel of the Famous, he had to leave the program because his health did not allow him to continue.