This month will be affected by various increases that will impact the pocket of Argentines in different items, from fuel to family home staff.

  • Fuel: The oil companies will apply an average 4% rise in gasoline and diesel in June, within the framework of the agreement with the Government and the renewal of the Fair Prices program. So far in 2023, fuels have increased 18%, given inflation of 32% in the first four months.
  • Rentals: For annual updates, according to the index established by the current rental law, the increase will be at least 100% after the latest inflation data. In May the update was 95.9%.
  • Telephone, cable and internet: a monthly increase of 4.5% will be applied to postpaid or mixed plans for mobile telephony, fixed telephony, Internet services and cable or satellite television.
  • Prepaid: The national government formalized the increases according to the authorization linked to the cost index and the salaries of the sector. In June, prepaid medicine plans will rise by 5.5% for all affiliates. In July there will be the highest increase so far this year with a rise of 8.5%. The increase will be the same for all users.
  • Domestic employees: by update, reported by the National Commission for Work in Private Homes, the agreed increases were 14% in April, 7% in May (to be paid in June) and 6% in June. These increases are calculated on the salaries of March 2023.