The Government of Córdoba explained that in February, the Córdoba Consumer Price Index registered an increase in its General Level of 7.54% compared to the previous month.

Considering the importance of each chapter at a general level, the monthly variation of the Consumer Price Index in Córdoba in the month of February is largely explained by:

  • Chapter Food and Beverages; mainly explained by the increase in average meat prices. Next, the increase in food and beverages purchased and consumed in restaurants and bars had an impact.
  • Chapter Properties, Fuels, Water and Electricity; due to increases in fuels and lubricants; bus ticket; and telephone services.

On the other hand, the goods category, which represents 59% of the basket, had a variation of 8.63% in February compared to the previous month, while services, which represent the remaining 41% of the basket, registered a variation of 5.35%.