This Thursday the Blas Law was presented, elaborated by the family of Valentino Blas Correas together with the national deputy Gabriela Brower de Koning and academics from the National University of Córdoba. It was presented by the teenager’s mother, Soledad Laciar, together with the official and the Security specialist Miguel Robles.

The aim of the project, as explained by Brouwer, “is to propose a new specific penal type to deal with institutional violence exercised by the police, military and national security forces. It also seeks to progressively disarm civil society, and is based on work done with the Blas family, academics, and specialists to create a more secure society.”

In a press conference held at the Museo de Antopropologia, three modifications to the Penal Code were presented:

1. Aggravate the illegal possession and carrying of weapons by members of the security forces, with a sentence of between eight to 12 years in prison, in addition to absolute disqualification from returning to work in a security force.

2. A new type of penal sanction for those who “plant” weapons or alter the crime scene, with a penal scale of 10 to 20 years in prison.

3. Reduce the penalty to the degree of attempt to those police officers who regret having acted in a bad way and collaborate with Justice. The idea, as they explained, is to break the impunity pacts, the codes of silence that usually prevail in the security forces.

Among those attending the presentation were the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of the province of Córdoba, Laura Echenique, legal advisers of the Córdoba Police and also important officials of the opposition arch, led by the candidate for governor of Córdoba, Luis Juez.

Soledad Laciar indicated that with this law she pursues “that there will never be a Blas again” and who wants to break up with them impunity pacts within the Córdoba Police in regards to trigger-happy cases. The young man’s mother also questioned the measure ruled in the last few hours by prosecutor José Mana, who ordered that the entire investigation against political and police officials regarding the crime of his son be sent to the jurisdiction of anti-corruptionensuring that there “no one is ever condemned”so for her, having referred the case to that prosecutor’s office means “bring the case to impunity”.

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