WhatsApp, belonging to Meta (of Mark Zuckerberg, who also owns Facebook and Instagram, among other mega companies), is constantly transforming and improving the service it offers, and this time it is developing an update that many users came claiming for a long time.

It is about eliminating the display of the “Online” status, which reveals the person to have the application active at the moment in which another user enters their conversation. Thus, there will be a new section that will be introduced within Privacy settings> Last seen: last seen and online.

This new privacy option would be added to the already existing configuration that allows us to choose who sees our statuses and if our receiver can see the “double blue tick” that indicates that the message has been read, or the audio heard. It should be remembered that for now you can choose who can see the time of the last connection, the profile picture, the information or the statuses, which have a duration of 24 hours.

There are still no details on when this alternative will begin to be available, but news is expected in the coming weeks.

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