Sometimes we have to come across people without a heart and who are capable of doing anything. And others, we meet those who give us hope that there are still good people in the world. This was the contradiction shown by a video that managed to go viral on social networks in a few hours.

The account ‘Humanos de Santa Fe’ published on different platforms a film showing a woman who cannot be identified, walking with a bundle in her arms across a bridge that passes over the river. The video clip does not allow you to see the moment she throws what she is carrying, but you can see the lifeguards approaching by boat to see what it was about.

Agenda: Rivas and Rechimuzzi return to Córdoba with a “brutal volume” of “What’s going on here today?”

One of them thus managed to rescue the puppy kitten that had been thrown into the water: it was soaked and trembled with cold, while meowing in fear. They were able to get the cat out of danger since he had managed to cling to one of the bridge columns with his paws.

The happy ending came for the kitten: at the end of the post it is revealed that the sister of one of the saviors adopted him and named him “Pirulín”. On digital platforms, users applauded the actions of young people and strongly repudiated the person who committed such an act of animal abuse.



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