After the opening ceremony of the first section of the Nestor Kirchner pipelineThe ex-president Mauricio Macri made a download on Twitter. The former president was harshly criticized by the vice president Cristina Kirchner which accused him of intentionally delaying the works during his tenure.

“The government announces with great fanfare and cymbals a gas pipeline that reaches three years late and whose delay cost Argentina more than 5,000 million dollars. In 2019 we left the tender ready and the financing prepared. They just had to move on. Instead of that, we had bombastic speeches about sovereignty, self-sufficiency and independence”, Macri began by saying.

“The history of this gas pipeline (excuse me if I don’t call it by its official name) is another example of the opportunities, the millions and the time that we Argentines lost due to the obstinacy of Kirchnerism to destroy anything that was made by us. Now for At least we have something concrete. Let’s take advantage of it,” continued the former president.

The nation’s president was not far behind and responded to the criticism “They tried to give the gas pipeline to their friends, do private business and dollarize gas rates again. They ended up suspending the construction by order of the IMF, ”wrote the president. Along these same lines, he added:“ We did it, and for the benefit of the Argentines. Better than being together, is making united”.