When one defies nature these things happen. A squid from the warm waters of South Africa scared a surfer who was practicing with his board in the sea. In a video that was uploaded to the Internet, you can see how the marine animal intercepts the young man and clings to the bottom of the board. It seemed that he wanted to drag the athlete to the bottom of the sea, but the reality was very different.

James Taylor is called the young man who appears in the clip. The incident occurred near the coastal town of Melkbosstrand. The mollusk, which is not the size of an adult specimen, extended its tentacles around the element and staggered the surfer, who fell into the water. It was Taylor himself who recounted in another video that he saw a body floating behind the waves when he was still on the shore of the beach. Once inside the ocean, at first, he thought it was a huge piece of seaweed, but when he got closer he was surprised that it was always a huge marine animal that was injured and he intended to take it to land.

However, despite the noble intentions of Jamesthe squid did not act in the most reciprocal way, so tried to go around the tablebut with one of the sharp suction cups he managed make a cut on the man’s leg. Looking at it carefully, she thought that the mollusk was a hopeless case due to his injury, so his intention to take it to the coast was for research purposes.

Taylor He came to this conclusion after noticing that he was missing tentacles, as well as presenting various bite marks. But when he dragged it into the middle of the sea, he realized that the beast was not moving, so he made a quick decision: “on the beach he no longer moved. I decided the most humane thing to do was cut off his head and put him out of his misery… I felt it was the right thing to do.“, said to Earth Touch News Network.

After this, he contacted his local aquarium, where he was dissected, taking photographic and film material that was sent to a professor (whose identity was not revealed) who studies the presence of giant squids in South Africaassuring that it would indeed be a true giant squidthat is, a Architeuthisbut it could also be humboldt squid. Although the video was published in 2017, it went viral again in recent days.

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