Practicing a sport is one of the best habits that we can incorporate into our routine. Regardless of where we do them, they are essential to improve our physical and mental health. So much so that the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM, for its acronym in English) includes in its recommendations doing outdoor activities as well as doing them at home.

In this note we are going to discover the differences between practicing sports in open or closed places.

indoor sport

The benefits are:

more intensity: sport within a closed center or space allows you to concentrate all your strength and energy on the exercise you are doing

Visible results: Being able to train more intensely will also allow the results you achieve to be more visible.


less motivation: It may be that over time we stop training so frequently because we find this type of sports practice boring and monotonous.

Foul air: the air can be tainted with humanity or with unpleasant odors that can make our training not entirely pleasant.

Outdoor sports: pros and cons


Less stress: going for a run or training outdoors will help you relax your mind, reduce stress and feel in a better mood. The reason is that the landscape helps to improve your mental state and, therefore, to make the experience much more pleasant and positive.

more perseverance: Going for a run in a park is much more motivating and enjoyable than doing it inside a gym. It gives us a pleasant moment of peace and serenity.


climatological inconveniences: It is one of the most obvious and annoying inconveniences. This can affect your training pace and prevent you from training as often as you want.

Traffic of people and cars: You may find that your training is subject to traffic lights, pedestrians, cars, etc. This can be really annoying.