Starting July 11 and ending August 7, retail supermarket chains across the country must offer seven cuts of meat at discounted prices in the “Careful Cuts” program. This is a new government measure to mitigate the effects of inflation and make accessible food available.

The pieces that can be obtained are: Strip Roast, $729; Empty, $955; Matambre, $929; Skirt, $478; Tapa de Asado, $729; Buttock, $999; and Palette, $809. It is worth mentioning that for the Patagonia region (boneless cuts) a differential of 6% must be added.

In addition, Cortes Care joins the program Care Prices, which was renewed on Thursday until October 7 with 949 products. Prices Care is available every day of the week in retail supermarket chains throughout the country such as Jumbo, Vea, Disco, Changomás, Coto, Carrefour, Día, Josimar, La Anónima, Libertad, Cooperativa Obrera, Super Santiago, Himisa Supermarket, Beltran, Blü, Borbotti, El Solar, El Zorzón, Único, El Abastecedor and Alfa.

The cuts included in the program are available from Monday to Friday in more than 1,000 outlets throughout the country from retail supermarket chains, wholesalers and butcher shops affiliated with the Única, ABC and Fifra business chambers.