In the midst of the scandal involving Marcelo Corazza for corruption of minors, Lucas Benvenuto was invited to an interview on the A la Tarde program, where he told that he was a victim of trafficking and sexual abuse throughout his childhood and adolescence.

The 27-year-old reported that he fell into the pedophilia network led by psychologist Jorge Corsi, called “the boy lovers“, and that Corazza also contacted him a few years ago to send him sexual videos. However, he also targeted a famous Telefé driver.

Lucas Benvenuto

“A year and a half ago I decided to file my last complaint because it takes time for me to speak and report. This person is hosting a program on Telefe”, said the young man on the air of AméricaTV. “He is a conductor and a musician. When we dated, he was 32 and I was 14.”counted.

In turn, he assured that he tried to report it in the pandemic via zoom, but the prosecutor told him that they could not do anything since “the cause was outlawed.” Although Lucas did not say the name on the air, hours later he confirmed on his social networks who it is: Jey Mammon.