edward carranza A 32-year-old with a developmental delay denounces that the interurban bus company Sierras of Calamuchita They don’t let him travel, they take him off the bus and even threaten him. This is because they say that I pass it from him due to disability “It’s not okay, he’s not late, and he’s faking it”.

This situation has been going on for five years and his mother has denounced the ERSEPto the INADI and although they have agreed with him, the drivers continue in the same attitude. The family is from Anisacate, 40 km from Córdoba and although they spoke with the INADI in Córdoba and they confirmed that they have accompanied the family to meetings with the ERSEP and the Secretary of Human Rights of the Provincesince last year they have been waiting for an answer on the case.

“Yes, the truth has brought me down with two male police officers and a female one pushing me even though I have paid the ticket. I mean, I can’t go up either, because I paid 30 years ago“, indicated his mother. To which Eduardo corroborated this version and assured that “He won’t even pay me… I fear for my life. Two weeks ago I saw one of the inspectors from Sierras de Calamuchita and he told me not to ‘get to the terminal because I make you stop’, and the truth is that when I come to the Córdoba terminal, I fear death”. He also specified that they threatened to take him into custody and take away his phone, as well as threatened to throw one of the buses over his personal vehicle.

On the other hand, he specified that, every time he approached the ticket office, they moved him away indicating that it was closed and they could not attend him, thus causing him to miss the buses that were about to leave for their destination. Eduardo He assured that he informed them that he had surgery and that he had to find and travel and that at least six drivers are the ones who constantly make fun of him.