A participant of Big Brother already adds several complaints on social networks It is about Martina Stewart Usher, the Physical Education teacher who is accused of mistreating children with strong insults. The participant in question generated a great controversy as soon as she entered the house when she was branded homophobic in the networks for her sayings and they even criticized the production for selecting her. “I’m particularly attracted to boys, I don’t like girls at all. I don’t understand bisexuality, it makes me a little disgusted,” she had expressed.

“I love that in two minutes they already hate Martina … imagine us who had to put up with her for 2 years mistreating our children as a gym teacher,” Florence, a Twitter user, launched.

Another tweet from a mother who told how she treated her students also went viral. “Come out now! This garbage of a person mistreated our children. She was the gym teacher. She called them shitty autistic, mogolic, down, etc. When they didn’t understand the instructions or when the exercise didn’t work out. Use these words as insults “, he indicated.

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Another of the participants who was also denounced on social networks was Walter “Alfa” Santiago, a 60-year-old man, who was denounced by a young woman for corruption, ill-treatment and harassment. A young woman made a strong release on Twitter and shared the audios that Walter had sent to her Instagram account.