The leader of the MTE and the Frente Patria Grande, and candidate for president, verbally assaulted the host in the telephone interview that was taking place on his Cristina Sin Vueltas program when he was asked about a possible land grab in Mar del Plata

During the interview, the host rejected the idea of ​​the political leader to take land from the State and give them to those most in need to make gardens. In line with this statement, Cristina asked: “Why don’t you distribute your land instead of the State’s? You are a manager of the poor and take everyone’s land, the State is not yours Grabois

Juan Grabois replied: “If you want, come to my house and see how much money the manager of the poor earns. Come and see how much I keep. I earn it with my merit, my books and my work at the university, Do you have proof that I keep something from the others?”

On the other hand, he expressed that the radio also keeps money from the state: “His salary is partly paid by the State flat lady, planner that’s you. A planera that doesn’t feel planera. In addition to being xenophobic and planera, she is a lying lady. Here there are no people from La Matanza or land usurpers. That land that is not used must be used. you are a bad persongarbage and the clear representation of the bad people of this country, they want everything for you”

I have been working since I was 18 years old blank in the private sector and not subsidized like you scoundrel and broken face. Mediocre. Lying, xenophobic and racist people like you are a problem for the country. I hope that God softens his heart and stops being such a bad person, blessings,” closed the interview with the pre-candidate for president.

Finally, another of the most controversial phrases were those of Cristina Pérez towards Grabosis: “You cover yourself with the Pope’s cassock, Cristina’s skirt and Máximo’s shorts, because you are not going to make a little orchard in Calafate in Baez’s territory…”

I REVIVED THE FULL NOTE: Strong cross between Cristina Pérez and Juan Grabois

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