invited to Mirta’s night, Amalia Granata and Rocío Oliva staged a crossing after the deputy assured that the former soccer player was an “abuser”. Granata referred to the case of Mavys Álvarez, the Cuban woman who denounced El Diez, and her former partner came out to defend him.

Sorry to ruin this beautiful and lyrical moment”, expressed Amalia Granata to interrupt the atmosphere of remembrance that Rocío Oliva had generated for “the wonderful years” that she lived in Dubai with Diego. “Here we must not forget that Maradona, beyond what he was as a footballer, that I do not discuss or get involved, he was an abuser. abused a minor”, he continued.

Then he added: “He brought her to Argentina illegally, operated on her lolas, introduced her to drugs And we have to talk about that as well.” At that time, Oliva assured: “The same, there… Since he is not there to defend himself… I think it is always good to hear a little of everything.”

Given this reaction, Granata went for more: “Beyond the defense, there are photos of him with the girl kissing.” Finally, the Spanish actress Pilar Rahola also assured that Maradona was not an exemplary citizen.

Strong crossing between Amalia Granata and Rocío Oliva by Diego Maradona • Channel C