Violence in recent times has crossed Córdoba from one end to another. As the archbishop of the province himself said this Monday night in his speech “nobody gets away from this.” Not even the Church itself manages to save itself from the clutches of drug trafficking and egress, as demonstrated by the shooting that occurred weeks ago at Father Oberlin’s foundation, which is dedicated to assisting ninths with addiction problems.

In this context, a massive call for the Catholic Church to which was added the Interreligious Committee for Peace (Comipaz) under the slogan was: “Enough of drugs, enough of violence.”

The Archbishop of Cordoba, Ángel Sixto Rossi, did not mince words and, before the expectant gaze of high-ranking officials of Cordoba politics, such as the mayor Martin LLaryora or the security minister Julián López, spoke firmly about the situation of drug use in the local scope.

Rossi remarked that the claim made this Monday It is not the watchword of any faction, because it is that of all”. And he added: “That the central theme is not one’s own, selfish cut, but the common good of our people, the care of all and especially the weakest.”

When exposing the concern for the advance of drugs, the archbishop stressed: “This longing is not exclusive to any religion either.. It is a sacred place that unites all faiths, it is a common temple where there is also a place for those who do not profess any faith, where we bare our souls, join our hands, where we cry and pray. full of impotence to see our children and young people made victims of the miserability of a few”.