The High Body of Justice temporarily suspended the validity of an ordinance issued by the Deliberative Council of Tanti, which enabled the current mayor, Luis Azar, to aspire to a third term in a row. This legislation was generated in the municipality and allows bypassing the re-election prohibition provided for in Law 10406.

In this context, the mayor himself dialogued with the C and explained the latest events: “I have not yet been reliably notified but the novelty is that they filed an injunction and the TSJ accepted the injunction. They ask us not to make use of the ordinance that we had issued here in the municipality for now. It did not deal with the underlying issue. I think that at some point you will have to deal with it”

On the other hand, Azar described this action as “valid” and assured that they respect it. Even so, he stressed that he hopes that this situation will be reversed and that “Through this annulment of the ordinance, it is also expected that the lack of institutionality of 10406 ​​will be seen, because it legislated backwards.” In this sense, he assured that this fact can serve as “a door for other mayors to make a claim and present the unconstitutionality” of the law.

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