The main supermarkets in the country today detached themselves from the sharp rise in the price of food that has occurred in recent weeks and targeted the producing companies.

“In recent weeks we have received lists with price increases”, was the first point raised by the CEOs of the sector who were received by the Minister of Production, Daniel Scioli.

In this way, the owners of the supermarkets disclaimed responsibility for what happened in the gondolas, suggesting that it was only a transfer of higher costs.

The proposal was made by the CEOs Guillermo Calcagno, from COTO; Pablo Lorenzo, from Carrefour; Alejandro Arruiz, from Cencosud; Juan Pablo Quiroga, Director of Corporate Affairs of Changomas; Nicolás Braun, General Manager of La Anónima, Martín Alvarez Espíndola, Director of Corporate Affairs of DIA; Bernabé Toledo, CEO of Toledo Supermarkets and Juan Vasco Martínez Executive Director of the Association of United Supermarkets (ASU).

Scioli received them together with his counterpart from the province of Buenos Aires, Augusto Costa, the Secretary of Commerce, Martín Pollera; the Secretary of Industry Ariel Schale and the Undersecretary of Internal Market Policies, Antonio Mezmezian.

Entrepreneurs also put on the table the problems they face in accessing foreign currency at the official exchange rate to finance imports.

In their logic, they understand that importing certain products from abroad can act as a containment dam in sensitive sectors of mass consumption.