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Surveys arrived on WhatsApp: how to create them?

WhatsApp surveys finally arrived on the platform. The most anticipated function by users is now available globally and people will be able to use it without having to resort to other applications or third-party tools. The new function is very easy to use. Next, we are going to explain how you can create and send a survey to a WhatsApp chat.

In order to use surveys on WhatsApp, you must first make sure that you have the latest update available in the application store, since it is compatible with this function. Therefore, if you do not have the app updated, it is recommended to download the latest version of WhatsApp before continuing.

How to create and send a survey:

1.Open a WhatsApp chat and tap on the attach files icon with clip icon.

2.Tap the “Surveys” option.

3. Write the question and the different answers of the survey. You can drag them up or down to change their position in the survey.

4.Tap on “Send”.

Once sent, all the chat participants, including yourself, will be able to send their vote by clicking on the chosen option. In the administrator you can see the votes of the different participants, while the rest of the chat members will only see how many votes each answer has.

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