The renowned Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon, who has also been an activist for the rights of the most vulnerable people for years, retweeted a video that shows precarious houses and garbage on highways in the city of Oakland, located in one of the richest states as is California on the western edge of the United States.

Sarandon shared that TikTok video showing a stretch of the approach to Oakland (neighboring city to the north of San Francisco) lined with homeless encampments and garbage.

The video, which Sarandon reposted from an account belonging to homeless activist Thomas Wolf, is shot from what appears to be a car driving through streets littered with tents, makeshift structures, discarded furniture and piles of junk. trash.

Although there are no people visible in any of the shots and the only sound in the video is that of the car engine, it can be seen that these tents are there to house citizens who are homeless in one of the richest countries in the world, as is the United States.

Sarandon’s post is untitled, but the original reads: “This is not a slum in India. This is Oakland, California. The crisis of our generation.