This Monday a political meeting was held in the town of Tanti in which the current mayor, Luis Azar, consecrated Emiliano Paredes as his candidate for succession. Paredes is the current Secretary of Government and Coordination of the municipality and will receive the support of the local ruling party, which is the Radical Civic Union.

Paredes received “the go-ahead” from Azar during the party meeting that was held at the Circuit Committee of Radicalism in Tanti. It should be remembered that months ago, the Superior Court of Justice stopped the third consecutive re-election in that citysomething that had been widely defended by Azar himself, who will no longer be able to appear in the elections of that town, which will take place on June 4.

In this regard, the outgoing mayor said: “There is no possibility that I can be re-elected despite my will and my interest in governing again my dear people. But I cannot go against what the law says, we have to be respectful. We are going to face this election with another candidate. In turn, he ratified that he will be “tirelessly at the side of our candidate and supporting the list that we propose”.

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In dialogue with Canal C, Paredes maintained that it is about something “very exciting” and what is “an immense responsibility, to continue working so that radicalism continues to be the government, continues to show its progress, its success”. The candidate also maintained that in Tanti, the UCR “He has always shown union. I think a change in political approval is coming. The gesture of the mayor and the people of the party is not a minor fact.”

Coverage: Rubén Alvaraz