in dialogue with channel Cthe Assistant General Secretary of the teachers’ union, Zulema Miretti, said that the schedule establishes assemblies of one hour per shift in the schools, Wednesday in the delegations and on Friday the provincial assembly again.

“Given the lack of a concrete proposal from the provincial Executive Power, when the teachers are already in the schools, several days ago, when the setting cycle began today and there is no concrete proposal, the assembly unanimously voted to carry out a strike for Monday the 27th with a mobilization here in the city of Córdoba and assemblies of one hour per shift in the schools on Wednesday, an assembly in each department on Thursday and again on Friday a provincial assembly”were his words.

He also assured that in the event that there is a specific proposal from the Executive Power, they will put the consultation mechanisms in motion and closed by stating that: “We believe that the government is again late because there are comings and goings, but there is no proposal that we can discuss with teachers in all schools.

The UEPC (Union of Educators of the Province of Córdoba) resolved this Thursday to launch a 24-hour strike and mobilization through the streets for the next Monday, February 27, day established for the beginning of classes.