The Union of Educators of the Province (UEPC) accepted the mandatory conciliation ordered by the Ministry of Labor of the Province, a decision that also reached the Argentine Union of Private Teachers (Sadop), the Council of Catholic Education and the Cordovan Chamber of Educational Institutions Private, as reported last night by the Province in a statement.

“After being formally notified this Tuesday, April 11, by the Ministry of Labor of the Province, the UEPC complied with the mandatory conciliation in the framework of the salary negotiation that it has been carrying out with the Province. The measure issued by the labor portfolio leaves on hold , starting this Tuesday, April 11 and for 15 business days, the union actions resolved by the Departmental Assembly this Monday, April 10”, a communicator from UEPC

The measure requested by the provincial government to deactivate the 72-hour strike ordered by the UEPC as of today, will be extended for a period of 15 business days from the corresponding notification.

In addition, from Labor the parties were intimidated to refrain in the future and from the entry into force, to apply direct action measures. Also to the cessation by the union entity immediately in “the measures that it is carrying out at the moment or in the future.”

In this sense, the Council of Catholic Education and the Cordoba Chamber of Private Educational Institutions were urged to “suspend the salary deduction while the effects of this measure last.”

For its part, the Monserrat school said that there will be a new meeting between the Province and the union this week. “We still don’t know the time or the place” “The three government proposals were rejected, so now at the next meeting we will start from scratch to build something that meets the needs of teachers in Córdoba,” they stressed.