After the provincial government formulated a new proposal for a salary increase for provincial teachers, in the Union of Educators of the Province of Córdoba (UEPC) a provincial assembly of departmental delegates will be held this Monday, who will bring the mandates of the different regions, although it is expected that the offer will be rejected.

Even so, until this Sunday, it was not clear what will be the result of a vote that is anticipated to be very close, especially due to the negative climate that the discounts for the days of unemployment that operated with the payment of the month’s salary generated among teachers. past.

It should be remembered that the first proposal for a salary increase had been 40% staggered from February to June, with monthly increases of 10% and was rejected. Then the provincial government summoned the union to a new meeting to improve that initial offer. The previous week, within the framework of the Teacher Salary Parity Commission, the Government of the province of Córdoba, presented a new proposal whose Salary floor (Starting Salary) Grade Teacher (with FONID): will have a 56.2% increase in July, in relation to the month of January.

Salary Initial of the Master of Degree will be in March and April of $162,185; in the month of May of $174,500; in the month of June of $186,875; and in the month of July $187,845, reaching a 56.2% increase in July, in relation to the month of January (59% if only provincial funds are taken). The percentage may be higher if inflation in May exceeds 30%, or if in July it exceeds 40%.