The result of the survey among 1400 residents of the city and province of Córdoba ended up with “technical tie” between Luis Juez and Rodrigo de Loredo. Without definitions on the candidacies, Together for Change released the official results of the report carried out by consultants Francisco Venturni and Rodrigo Vega.

“Based on the data obtained, it is not possible to rule or be conclusive on the definition of the candidate for governor of the province of Córdoba. Since the numbers are very narrow in electoral scenarios, images, and voting potential among the pre-candidates, which do not exceed the margin of error of 2.6% for a confidence level of 95%, they are in a situation of technical tie.indicates the statement.

And adds: “Both pre-candidates lead the intention to vote and are competitive, surpassing the Hacemos por Córdoba candidate. The difference is less than one point: Rodrigo de Loredo in an individual scenario has a differential against the ruling party of +1.8%, while the differential of Luis Juez is +2.7%”the statement said.

Regarding the formulas, the survey found that “There is a complementarity and better competitiveness of Together for Change. Juez-De Loredo with a positive difference of 6.1% over the Llaryora-Vigo formula; and the De Loredo-Juez pairing with a positive difference of 4%.” According to the report De Loredo has his potential and measures more in the capitalwhile Judge becomes strong in the interior of the province.

official results


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