TEDxCórdoba, the event that brings together ideas that drive and transform each year, announces its return to presence on November 10 from 5:00 p.m. at the Teatro Real.

The list of speakers will be known in the next few days and will include references from fields such as education, communication, science and human relations, among other topics.

Those who want to attend can participate in the ticket draw available on the website www.tedxcordoba.com.ar or follow the social networks at @tedxcórdoba.

TEDxCórdoba is a local non-profit initiative dedicated to spreading transformative ideas, licensed by TED. We started working in 2009 and the contents cover the most diverse topics, including: science, technology, art, design, culture, education, social action and society. Our goal is to share “ideas that drive and transform”.

More than 60 volunteers collaborate in the different areas. +120 speakers passed through the TEDxCórdoba stage from the beginning. Each year, approximately 85,000 people watch the TEDxCórdoba event live via streaming from different parts of the world.