This Wednesday Laura Vilchescandidate for mayor of the city of Córdoba for the FIT-U (Front of the Workers’ Left – Unity) presented a proposal that is in line with the one promoted by national level to raise the minimum wage to the value of the total basic food basket.

“That every political official receives as a worker, and that no worker receives less than the family basket“, the teacher said on her social networks. “Currently, the municipality allocates more than $400 million a month to support the privileged diets of more than 600 political officials. Where could these resources go?”questioned, indicating that “With that money, more than a thousand homes could be built in a four-year term.”

In that photo album he also states that “The mayor and the councilmen earn 800,000 pesos, 10 times more than an average worker. They govern for the businessmen who believe they own Córdoba.”

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