Like every year, the Serrano Lamb National Festival is redeveloped in the mountain town of Tanti in its 11th edition. will be this Saturday February 11 in the Amphitheatre, with a wide artistic proposal and, of course, the best dishes prepared with lamb.

In dialogue with Channel C, the mayor of Tanti, Luis Azar, said that “This is a great award that the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation gave us. We are inviting everyone to come, tourists from other provinces, to come visit us from 20 hours“.

“The main dish is that of bovine livestock. We have already prepared more than 600 dozen Arab empanadas; we are going to put more than 450 lambs all from the area on the grill, on the spit, on the stake, on the disc,” explained Chance.

Tickets are available in advance for $800, while the same day of the event $1,500 will be available at the Tanti Municipality box office and Cable de las Sierras offices.

Among the main numbers will be The Alonsitos; Facu Gutiérrez, Kumbata, Dos Lunas, among others. In addition, the prices of the dishes that will be offered are already known: for example, an XXL portion of lamb will cost $2,500; the portion of chanfaina $1,000; the dozen empanadas $2,000; while a mixed salad will cost $500.

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Coverage: Rubén Alvaraz