comes the XV Edition of the Thinking with Humor Festival to the Cordoba stages. The festival will have two stages: the first to be held from June 8 to 12, with comedians from the local and national scene and the second, from July 21 to 24, comedians from the province will receive tourists from all over the country.

After two difficult years for the performing arts, different artists meet again with the public to enjoy and laugh. In the first stage will be Flaco Pailos, Camilo Nicolás, Adrián Gómez and Betiana Blum. The artists will be laughing at the humor in the Carlos Giménez room of the Teatro Real, in the Ciudad de las Artes Theater and in the Studio Theater.

From July 21 to 24 it will be the turn of the local comedians: more than 30 artists present in different stages, spaces, neighborhood and cultural centers of nine towns in the province. Doña Jovita and José Luis Serrano, Carla Dogliani, Nardo Escanilla, Mario Devalis, Chichilo Viale, Los Can Can, Mariana Ortecho, Impuras, Capocha Orellana, Malena Vieytes, Lara Carignano, La Cucay la Rossi, Platinum Plated, Julieta Daga- La Celestina, Jorge Monteagudo, Jorge Batisti and Lali Agüero, Mariel Soria, and fairground actors such as Tissera, Quinteros, Mudo Esperanza, Pícaro Correa, Miguel Durán and el Flaco Peña, Marcos Ontivero, Chule, Marcos Marchini, Chicharrón, Coto and Kalemberg will make Córdoba laughed at the humor. There will also be workshops, talks and talks to enjoy laughter in all its facets.

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On this occasion, the identity of the festival is in charge of the graphic artist Hernán Cappelletti, known as “El Cape”, who is an illustrator for the press areas of Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo (Cordoba subsidiary) and the Human Rights Secretariat of the nation. He also painted a large number of murals on the walls of the province.