A prank that got out of hand, and thousands of reactions on Twitter: this was the sequence that Dante provoked, a 2-year-old boy who, while his father was sleeping, asked for $10,000 in delivery through a mobile app that the adult had installed on your cell phone.

The father ‘Zeki’, whose Twitter user is ‘@xzeekii’, recorded the moment on the aforementioned social network, where he wrote: “My son woke me up shouting ‘PAPA MOTO’! There were 3 deliveries at the door, the boy ordered 2 pizzas in the most expensive pizzeria, He ordered 1 ham and cheese pebete, 1 soda 0 (zero) why Apparently he is taking care of himself and an almond ice cream from Frigor. The expense $10,000. The spender 2 years“.

The shot was even more hilarious: “The worst of all is that I’m on a diet I can’t eat anything of what he ordered.” After such a mischief, Zeki uninstalled all the applications to order food from his phone, since Dante was a “repeat offender” in such a crime.

The episode quickly became important among users who “liked”, those who retweeted and those who commented. Of course, there were those who believed it was a lie, and those who laughed at this family’s adventure. To the haters, the father replied that his son has all kinds of toys, books, outdoor activities and that they raise him with a lot of love.

Look at the funny moment that the father recorded: