This Saturday began a new edition of the Brocheriana Pilgrimage, which will last throughout the weekend. This celebration aims to commemorate the country’s first saint, José Gabriel del Rosario Brochero.

During the next few days, various activities related to religious tourism will be carried out. The people who participate will be able to travel, for five days and with two alternatives, the paths that the blessed knew how to travel in Villa Santa Rosa.

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The journey to honor Cura Brochero will include destinations such as: Villa Carlos Paz, Tanti, Los Gigantes, San Jerónimo, Ambul and Villa Cura Brochero. This Saturday the tour will be from the city of Villa Carlos Paz to Tanti. A total of 18 kilometers will be traveled. The itinerary indicates that the tour will start from the shoreline of Lake San Roque to the facilities of the Colonia Perkins de Tanti campsite.