One of the biggest challenges of the circular economy is to show itself as a sustainable and real alternative to the current linear production and consumption processes. With this objective and on a par with the second summit, the Municipality of Córdoba, through Ente BioCórdoba, will also organize the first World Circular Economy Fair.

The space will bring together large, medium and small companies, cooperatives, entrepreneurs and institutions that will exhibit their circular projects, products and services.

This meeting will generate contact with the general public, proposing a logic of responsible consumption, where people will be able to evaluate the quality and commitment behind each initiative. It will bring together around 150 local, national and international actors who will show their circular projects, products and services.

At the fair you can find didactic and ecological toys, sustainable floors, leather goods made with used tires, recycled wood furniture and even recycled plastic plates for the construction of houses. You can also see sustainable textile products, biodegradable crockery and more than 40 stalls with 100% environmentally friendly offers.

The fair space itself was designed sustainably. The furniture is made from recycled material, while the stands were designed and built in cardboard, which will later be recycled.

In this way, the Fair will become a true “Show Room” for the exhibition and sale of articles, dissemination of brands and organizations, as well as the generation of potential productive alliances. The fair also integrates the second Conference on Electric and Sustainable Mobility, an educational space and the Design Biennial.

The Circular Economy is a new paradigm that seeks to redefine the ideals of growth and development considering a triple impact: social, economic and environmental. It aims to transform the current production model and move from a linear economy of extraction, production, consumption and waste, to a circular, efficient and responsible one with the use of resources.

In the first World Summit on the Circular Economy in 2021, 41 countries from 5 continents participated and had more than 3 million views on social networks.