Eight years after the first march “Not one less”this friday june 2 there will be a new mobilization in Córdoba. Prior to the demonstration, feminist organizations held a press conference today in order to agree on the central points that will govern the caravan that will depart from Colon and Canada at 18 hours.

“It is a new march to demand Not One Less and to say that the state is responsible. The case of Milagros de Alta Córdoba, the case of the Communication Sciences student Nuri from Salta and the thousands of cases that are multiplying nationwide They make us take the path of street fighting again”explained Soledad Diaz GraceLeader of Labor Party in the United Left Front (FIT U).

In addition, the candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Córdoba of said political space, pointed against the current government measures. “Women’s ministries and poles have been built and none have responded. It is clear that the only intention they had is to get us off the streets while violence and femicides spread”held.

Finally Soledad said: “We are planning a way out with absolute independence from governments and churches. The creation of an Autonomous Council for Women, which is elected by us and not imposed by the functional officials to the adjustment policy of the government in power. We have to have right to elect the officials who will carry out these policies with a adequate budget and revocable charges”.

Coverage Nacho Cadario

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